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Business Growth


Building a Successful Business Plan

Whether you are looking to grow or develop your existing offering, having a solid business plan in place will help you manage your operations and set realistic targets. Your business plan needs to be reviewed on an ongoing basis and adjusted as your business evolves. Due to our accountancy expertise, we have developed specific offerings to support you through this process.

Cloud Based Business Planning Tool

As an added benefit to our coaching offering, we have access to an exclusive Cloud Based Business Planning Tool. Delivered as a 2-day workshop, this tool gives you valuable exposure to the latest business models and thinking. By aligning your thoughts, business direction and your ultimate outcomes, you can achieve business success.

• Professional Facilitation: you will be guided step by step through the planning process

• Construct the core components of your Business Plan and set targets

• Online access to your own Business Planning Tool for 1 year


Business Planning 2-day Workshop

2 days onsite and ½ day complimentary 90 day planning session. Choose a key person from your business and share ideas across your management team, as you work through any opportunities and challenges that may lie ahead.

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Experience & expertise.


Virtual CFO & Financial Director

If you’re running a company that needs a short-term, hands on approach, we can work with you as a Virtual CFO or interim Financial Director. We have worked in a variety of industry sectors including retail and energy. Your business will directly benefit from our Strategic Financial Leadership, which includes:

• Improved financial performance management capabilities

• Faster month-end close and shorter planning cycles

• High-quality and highly accurate forecasts

• Better relationships with your accountants

• Cash flow management

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Know your business.


Business Diagnostics

Do you really know what’s working in your business and what isn’t? Spotting problem areas will help you to resolve any issues and refine the way your business operates. If you want your business to grow, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. We have tools and processes to help you spot any issues and discover valuable opportunities.

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Cash flow

Having a stable cash flow is the foundation for any business. Learning how to manage your cash flow so you always have enough money available is key to business growth. Combined with coaching, our financial background gives you exclusive access to management accountancy methods. When you really know your numbers, you can create a financial safety net, and you can start to invest and grow your business. Without knowing your figures, your business could be at great risk and you are unlikely to achieve your goals.

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FREE consultation?

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